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How to build this project?

this project use a website as service, when you download source code, run website in project list. and go to admin section to see list of users

default admin user and password for admin

How setup first?
things you need to know:
1- SQL Server in your build server, need to execute "NetTalk.sql" on an empty db
2- Setup connection string on project layers { Data and Web}
3- Need to change Application.XML in App_Data folder

How check if project run correctly?
when project start it will listen on a TCP connection on XMPP standart port : 5222 on your localhost config in Application.Xml in App_Data folder.

open a command prompt and run "netstat -a" and see if your port and ip is in list
like: 5222 listening

when web project also notice to config your firewall for this port and ip

How test connection?
1- You need an XMPP client, for example there is a good one in or
2- setup xmpp account with username and password from UserList Page
3- do not use encryption for accesss

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